Food Tour of India With a Chef : December 2015

Food Tour of India With a Chef : December 2015

In December 2015, we will have 8 days long Food Tour Of India With A Chef which will cover cuisines and sights of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Jodhpur . The culinary activities includes food tours, cooking classes, introduction to spices and much more, all done by local expert chefs. Additionally, the food tour will cover sightseeing of all major monuments in every city p
lus a few other interesting activities like playtime with elephants, desert safaris, night stay in campsite and more. This food tour of India will be fast paced and  suitable for foodies who wish to do experience the best of India in shortest time possible. This food tour with a chef will also have a professional photographer accompanying the guests during who will take their pictures as well as help them take some good ones wherever required in Delhi and 1-2 other places.

Check in on 14th December, New Delhi

The day before official start of food tour, i.e. on 14th December the guests will be picked up from airport or some other location in city and transported to their hotel in Delhi where they will stay for 2 more nights. Chef Rajeev will meet them there and take them on a gourmet dinner in one of top restaurants in Delhi. The dinner will be an occasion to be introduced to fellow travellers and get some information related to the tour like what to expect, what to wear and so on.

DAY 1 : Food Tour of Delhi

 Our first day begins with food tour of Delhi, starting with old Delhi. A great way to be introduced to Indian cuisine and culture, this food tour will set the mood for the rest of the trip. You [...]

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Travel India: Street Food in India

Different people have different opinions about street food in India as well as abroad. A few people don’t like eating out in open, standing and surrounded by crowds. Few others have concerns about cleanliness. These are valid points indeed, but it’s a fact that no one can deny that the innovation and unique flavours offered by street food vendors can be very rare in fancy restaurants. Street food in India as well as other countries all over the world is cheap and very delicious. As far as hygiene is concerned, most good vendors have better cleanliness standards than many established food chains. One reassuring point is that one can see the food being cooked right in front and conditions with own eyes. It’s quite unlike most established restaurants. Apart from that, vendors have their recipes for generations and guard them zealously just like big businesses do.
Street food in India

India in is blessed with an amazing variety of street food. A truncated list of food available here can easily fill a small book. Different regions in India have their own unique cultures and cuisines. Some one traveling through India will go through enough cuisines for a large continent. For sake of simplicity and focus, some more popular traditional Indian street food snacks are Bhel poori, Chole Bhatoore, Gol Gappe, Poori Kachori Aaloo Tikki, Dahi Bhalle, , Chaat, Samosa, kathi roll, Pakode with stuffings and many many more. Different types of chaat are some of more popular among street food dishes in India. When one considers the numerous varieties of food available here, neither one of which tastes, smells or looks like any other, it’ boggles mind. You can choose almost anything depending upon what [...]