Food Tour of India With a Chef : October 2015

Foodie travellers planning to visit India in October or later can now book a Food Tour Of India With A Chef. This food tour in October is 6 days long and will cover cuisines and sights of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. The culinary activities includes food tours, cooking classes, introduction to spices and much more, all done by local expert chefs. Additionally, the food tour will cover sightseeing of all major monuments in every city plus a few other interesting activities like playtime with elephants, desert safaris and more. This food tour of India is a fast paced Indian culinary tour with a lot to see, eat, do and explore and is suitable for tourists who want to do maximum amount of everything in shortest time possible. This food tour will have a professional photographer accompanying the guests during who will take their pictures as well as help them take some good ones wherever required.

Check in on 23rd October, New Delhi

The day before official start of food tour, i.e. on 23rd October the guests will be picked up from airport or some other location in city and transported to their hotel in Delhi where they will stay for 2 more nights. Chef Rajeev will meet them there and take them on a gourmet dinner in one of top restaurants in Delhi. The dinner will be an occasion to be introduced to fellow travellers and get some information related to the tour like what to expect, what to wear and so on.

DAY 1 : Food Tour of Delhi

 Our first day begins with food tour of Delhi, starting with old Delhi. A great way to be introduced to Indian cuisine and culture, this [...]