Rishikesh Yoga Travel Packages

Rishikesh is situated on the banks of the holy river Ganga and is one of the preferred destinations for travelers visiting India as you get to experience lots of different activities at one place. The activities range from adrenalin pumping hiking, rafting, camping, kayaking or simple sight seeing to meditation and yoga. The Ganga enters the Indian plains from its northern terrain into Rishikesh. This makes Rishikesh an ideal tourist destination. If you are up for adventure holidays we can arrange such trips for you. We can also organize spiritual tours for tourists. Please see the sample schedule given below. We can organize one to suit your needs and preferences. Rishikesh Travel Packages

DAY 1: Arrival – Rishikesh

From Delhi we go to Rishikesh via car or bus. This drive takes around 6 hours. We check-in in our guest house or hotels and have lunch or dinner depending on the time. The rest of the day is kept free for you to explore the sights of the city or rest if that is what you prefer.

DAY 2: Introduce yourself to Yoga and Meditation

The early morning yoga session of the first day introduces the beginner yogi to different types of yoga postures known as asanas and also teaches the tourists the basic principles underlying the ancient science of yoga and meditation. This training session is not a very long one. Today tourist will be introduced some basic yoga postures. The instructors are thoroughly trained in the field. After a little rest you can par take a light lunch and spend the rest of the day sight seeing in Rishikesh. The Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhula are ideal sight seeing spots. These are suspension bridges and are not very far away. We can relax on the bank of the Ganga in the evening and enjoy the Ganga aarti.

DAY3: Learn to breathe

Today we will be learning various types of yogasanas and meditation techniques in the early morning yoga class. We will also be learning breath control to relax the wondering mind. Breath control is an important aspect of the yoga practice. Seemingly tough at first, it is easy to master with a little more practice. Early lunch follows after which we go sight seeing to the Neer Gadu and Gadu Chatti waterfalls. These waterfalls are situated within the majestic mountains.

Day 4: Learn more Yoga Asanas

Today’s class will focus on the techniques of the yoga postures and the instructor will make sure that you are doing them correctly. You will also be told about the different benefits of the different postures. There are many benefits of regularly doing yogasanas which include stretching the whole body and avoiding aches and pains. Some asanas are excellent for weight loss. These asanas can be mastered with practice and should become a part of your lifestyle. To reward you for your efforts there follows a traditional ayurvedic massage performed by trained masseurs.

Day 5: Sunrise trekking

In order to enjoy the morning sunrise, we start before dawn from Rishikesh to the Kunjapuri temple. The sunrise in this picturesque spot will inspire you to click a few pictures. Followed by breakfast we return to Rishikesh by car. You may also opt to trek the way back to Rishikesh. We will spend the evening practicing the taught techniques under the watchful eye of the yoga instructor.

Day 6: Rafting in the Ganges Rishikesh Holiday Packages

Today’s morning session will help you master some of the asanas that you have learnt before. We will also be learning some new yoga postures which will be a little more complex. After that, we can do some adventure activity such as river rafting in the Ganga. The tourists can choose the time and duration of the rafting session. It can be as short as 2 hours or as long as 5 hours. You also have the opportunity here to undergo a multi-day rafting trip or a kayaking adventure.

Day 7: Yoga in Life

Here is a chance to incorporate your knowledge into your daily lives. This will be the focus of today’s yoga session. Along with some breathing techniques and meditation techniques, the yoga instructor will provide you with various tips for a healthy life. You may want to spend some more time with the instructor and clear your doubts. You may also compare notes with fellow yogis. We will be visiting Vashishtha cave in the afternoon. This cave is located a few kilometers away from Rishikesh and is a wonderful place to spend some time with your own self.

Day 8: Return journey

On the last day of the tour, we will drive back to Delhi or other destination. This marks the end of this spiritual journey in Rishikesh.

Travel package includes:

TRANSPORT: In private or shared car with driver, bike, bus or foot.
ACCOMMODATION: Hotel, Guest house, Ashram.
ACTIVITIES: Yoga,  Meditation, Hiking,  sightseeing, Bird watching, bike rides;
MEALS: Breakfast, dinner.
COST: From INR 25000 onwards ( US $ 416)