Rafting and Kayaking in Rishikesh

Kayaking and rafting are becoming popular day by day, in Rishikesh and India. Rishikesh is the place where the Ganges enters the Indian plains after flowing from the Himalayan altitudes. This is the reason it is easier to raft, even for beginners and those taking it up as a hobby.It is also equally gratifying for professionals. As the river in this region offers various grades from Grade I to more challenging Grade II and III+.You have a variety of thrilling options here and you can get to chose between rafting for a short time of 2-3 hours or few days exploring the camping on beaches of the river Ganga and the forests nearby.

Every ride here including the Kayaking is supervised by expert trained instructors. Starting the expedition, initially the guests drive by car to the beginning point and given a short talk and some training before entering the waters. It is important to perfectly understand the training to ensure safety. A packed meal may also be provided, depending on your package. Safety gears include paddles , helmet and life jackets which are provided to each participant. Before the actual kayaking begins , a test is undertaken. A guide accompanies all participants for their assistance and guidance.
Services Provided

  • TRANSPORT : Rafts, Kayaks, In private or shared car with driver, bike or foot.
  • ACCOMMODATION: Beach or jungle camps.
  • ACTIVITIES: Kayaking, river rafting, swimming,  Bird watching, Wildlife spotting, Hiking,  sightseeing,
  • DURATION: 3 Hours to 4 days
  • MEALS: According to choice
  • COST: From INR 450 onwards ( US $ 7.5) At 1 US $ = INR 60 River rafting and kayaking in Rishikesh

Short Duration Rafting in Rishikesh

Short trips of rafting are undertaken in Rishikesh and are divided properly according to the time and distance. The smallest day rafting trip occupies 3 hours and the longest 5 hours or 36 km. We also have the option of a 16 km length . We typically go to the starting point by car and after a training session, and meal( if included) , the actual rafting commences. Under the supervision of our experts anyone can attempt these rafting trips. The price varies form trip to trip according to the duration, length and group size.

3 Days Expedition of Rafting: Dev Prayag to Rishikesh

This begins from Dev Prayag and lasts for 3 days until we reach Rishikesh

DAY 1: Know the River Ganga

After driving to Bhagwan near Dev Prayag we meet the rest of the team and the instructors. A short training session begins and after preparations, we begin the actual rafting in easy and short rapids. Not a very challenging day, , we spend our time to ge to know the river, swim and spot wildlife. We spend the night in beach camp.

DAY 2: Journey over the water.

On this day, we cover about 30 kms taking a few breaks for meals and relaxation. A few rapids here and there to make the day interesting. But apart from that the session is not very challenging. We encounter dense jungles, spot some quaint villages and alos some rare wildlife. We spend the night at a beach camp or a rest house if available.

DAY 3: White waters 

Now we encounter the actual challenges and get serious as we learn some big rapids such as Three blind mice, Cross fire, Daniel dip, Roller coaster , Golf course and Body surfing. A lot of team work and a lot of energy is needed to cross these. We end the trip some km away in a Rishikesh downstream town with a hearty lunch or dinner served early.

Kayaking in Rishikesh

.Rafting and kayaking trip schedules are more or less the same but alternate tripas can be planned. We first ensure the safety of the guests by making sure they are well acquainted with the boat and handling themselves. They can then hire a kayak. The policy here is quite strict and only the guests who pass the test are allowed to hire equipment. A guide or instructor will accompany you, complying with the rules. A 4 day kayaking trip is also available which can be designed to suit the requirements of the guests. You can contact us through email at info@indiafoodtour.com to learn more or simply by filling up the form