North Indian Parantha Recipe

North India is known for its food and flavors and parantha is one of the very famous recipes. One can find parantha prepared and served at the roadside restaurants of North India. It is prepared in a special style with the help of firewood and burning coal to add a smoky flavor to the recipe. One can use a griddle than a duct if preparing it at home. Note down the ingredients to prepare this delicious recipe:

  • Wheat flour for around 2 cups

  • Oil or ghee for around 2 teaspoon

  • Paprika for around 1 teaspoon

  • Salt for taste

  • Water for preparing soft dough

Utensils required:

  • Kitchen platform or Rolling board

  • Rolling pin

Method for preparation of prantha:

  • To knead soft dough, you need to mix up all the above ingredients in pliable and elastic dough.

  • Now leave the dough alone for some time and then, make some five to six balls out of it.

  • Now make a round disc on the rolling board to make parantha.

  • Once the parantha is rolled, apply some oil or ghee on it.

  • Fold it to make it look like a crescent.

  • Apply ghee on it again.

  • Now fold it into a triangle shape.

  • Use the rolling pin to make the parantha in a round circle or triangle depending on your skills.

  • Use a tava to fry it with some more ghee or oil.

Now your recipe is ready to be served with some pickle or dal.