Cooking Classes In Delhi With A Chef

In cooking classes, we try to provide as much knowledge as possible in shortest possible amount of time without making it too rushed. Our focus is to provide an enjoyable cooking and eating session for everyone. Following are some of the cooking classes that you can consider joining. The dishes mentioned are for reference and can be modified to some extent according to requirements of the guests.

1. Half day crash course in Indian cooking

Approximate duration : 5 hours
Indian food dishes covered:

3-4 Indian snacks samosa, pakoda (with different fillings) Indian cooking class-Marion-Grasby
1-2 Desserts :  halwa and/or kheer
2  lentils  dishes
2 vegetable dishes
Rice Pulaav
Roti and Paranthaa(Indian breads)
Drink: Lassi (Sweet, Salty or flavoured) or Aam Panna

Cost: Rs 6500 per person on purchase of 2 or more slots. Rs 7500 for single guest.

2. Full day Indian cooking class

Average duration: 8-9 hours
Indian food dishes :

4-5 Indian snacks like  samosa, poha, pakoda, chaat, kachori of different types
3 -4 Desserts : Kheer, halwa, mithai (Indian sweets)
2-3 vegetable dishes and/or curries
2-3 Lentil dishes
Rice (steamed and pulao)Cooking class in India
Indian breads (rotis, naans and paranthas)
2-3 drinks: Lassi (salty and sweet), Aam panna

Cost: Rs 10000 per person on purchase of 2 or more slots. Rs 12000 for single guest.

Non-Vegetarian Dishes

Meat curry dishes like Butter Chicken, Mutton curry etc for Rs 1500 for 2 dishes
Barbeque dishes Chicken Tikka, Kababs for Rs 1800 for 2 dishes,

Indian Vegetarian Cooking Classes

Considering the large amount of vegetarian people of India, it’s the best place in world to learn how to cook some really good vegetarian dishes. Our guests can learn special Indian cooking without any use of ingredients sourced from animals in special vegan and vegetarian cooking classes.

Features of all Indian cooking classes in New Delhi:

  • Learn to cook like a typical Indian family. Cook and eat like a family member instead of an outsider.
  • Classes led by a professional chef as well as the family.
  • Special focus on Indian vegetarian food.
  • A selection of some important spices as a gift.
  • Exclusive recipes for use back home
  • Small and private groups.
  • Transport including pickup and drop from hotel.


  1. If you wish to include more activities like Heena tattoo (mehendi), tying a saaree, shopping celebrating festivals like Diwali, Holi etc; it can be arranged on prior request depending upon season and availability.
  2. Discounts are offered if you choose more than once activity. Contact us for details.