Cooking Classes in India

Our cooking classes are a fun and informative way to learn the secrets of Indian cooking. Our cooking classes teach more than just ways to cook Indian food. By attending these classes, our guests also learn the finer details and secrets which make Indian food so special. Depending upon the expertise and duration of classes, our guests can learn how to cook anything from a few appetizers to multi-course Indian meals. Our cooking instructors teach how to use the optimum blend of easily available ingredients and spices to create a perfect Indian meal.

Most of these classes are arranged in homes of the local families in the city which have been living in the respective cities for many generations and have detailed knowledge of the local cuisines, ingredients and most importantly, help their guests learn the most about cooking in shortest amount of time. A novice cook can expect to learn a multi-course meal comprising of main course, snacks, desserts, drinks in just a few hours.  Specialised cooking classes for experienced cooks are also held. We’ve had the honour to host many celebrity chefs like Marion GrasbyGraciela Cucchiara and many other reputed chefs from all parts of the world. 

Right now, we are offering cooking classes in New Delhi, Jaipur, Agra and are constantly adding more.